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Glint Twinkle Dust, 5 Gm (Violet)

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Brand: GLINT


  • Glint Twinkle Dust gives your project Glittering finish and attractive look.
  • Perfect for highlighting your dessert.
  • Twinkle Dust offers a realistic look when brushed onto fondant.
  • Great item for the gourmet chefs and bakers to entertain special guests.

Details: Twinkle Dust gives a beautiful glitter finish and gives your fondant and gum paste a shiny, sparkling finish and highlighting your dessert! Add some Glint Twinkle Dust and make your dessert more appealing. Glint Twinkle Dust Create rich, lustrous highlights on flowers, bows, letters and more. Glint Twinkle Dust is a fine powder can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cake toppers, cocktails, pulled sugar, chocolate. Available colours : Pink, Blue, Gold, Black, Red, Green, white, yellow, Silver and Violet. Let’s decorate your next cupcake, cookie, chocolate, and more with Twinkle Dust!

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