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Natureale Hazelnut Flour, 500g

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Natureale Hazelnut flour is a good source of nutrients that is vegan, gluten free and low in carbohydrates. The nutty flour has a sweet, buttery flavour that you can use in sweet and savory applications. It adds tenderness to baked goods. Use Hazelnut Flour to add naturally sweet, rich flavour to baked goods.

Bullet Points  -

  • Natureale Hazelnut Flour has nutty flavor which makes your baked goods so much more moist and rich, and it works for any gluten-free dietary needs.
  • Natureale Hazelnut Flour is ideal for paleo and low carbohydrate diets and keto diet.
  •  It also holds its structure and doesn't crumble as much as other nut flours.
  • It can be used in pie crusts, cookies, muffins or Blend it into a tart shell recipe or sprinkle a handful over vegetables before roasting.
  •  Gluten free diets; vegan, non-GMO .