Puramate Select Oregano Spice Sprinkler Sachet, 120gm - (150 Sachets x .8gm)

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Oregano is a herb which is used extensively in Italian and Mediterranean food. Although fresh oregano has an appealing taste, it also works very well when dried. Oregano goes well in just about any tomato dish. It also compliments vegetables with dominant flavors such as chili, spaghetti sauce, pizza, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower.

Bullet Points -

  • It is loaded with antioxidants that helps the cells in our body.
  • Enhance the taste of any dish!
  • Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Bacterial properties.
  • Its an excellent source of fiber, vitamin k, manganese, iron, vitamin e, tryptophan and calcium.
  •  It comes with 150 Sachets , 0.8 grams each sachet.