Collection: Chocolate Transfer Sheets

The Quick and Easy way to add Color & Design: - Easy to use Edible Transfer Sheets - This design is printed as a continuously pattern on full A4 size sheet. (The background color that appears- white or black represents the base, this background color will not print on the transfer sheet) Instruction to use: ##1. Place a Chocolate Transfer Sheet on a flat surface with the embossing facing upwards. ##2. Pour melted chocolate over it to form a thin layer. ##3 Make the layer even & thin with an offset spatula. ##4. Allow it to set until the chocolate looses its gloss but remains flexible (Approx. 5-10 minutes). ##5. Cut your desired shapes with cookie cutters or a sharp knife but do not separate from the sheet. ##6 Allow setting for another 20-30 minutes. ##7. Carefully seperate from the transfer sheet they are ready to use.
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