Collection: Culinary Essence

From the House of Lezzet this Culinary Essence gives you Delicious taste and Flavour .If you are looking for the essential collection of highest quality Culinary Essence then you should go for it .Our Lezzet flavors are alluring and very easy to use .Yummy Drops is all ready to be make your Food even more rich, delicious and aromatic. Lets try to make your food more delicious .You can use this Flavours for syrups, sherbats, cakes, icing, cookies, ice-creams, confectioneries, sweets, jams, jellies, etc. Lezzet offers pack of 10 Culinary Essence of 20ml each. Package content: Vanilla, Pineapple, Cardamom, Rose, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Saffron, Pista, Mango and Chocolate Flavor’s in every batch.
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