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Colour Glo Powder Pearl Spray 7 Grams - Gold

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Brand: Colour Glo

Color: gold


  • For applying an even lustre to larger areas of icing, or even entire cakes.
  • Fantastic for cupcakes, cookies, chocolate etc.
  • Works on all types of icing and cake coverings, including sugarpaste, marzipan, royal icing, buttercream, fondant, chocolate etc.
  • In powder form

Details: The new formula features a high concentration of powder with high yield for greater efficiency. Standard aerosol food colouring sprays tend to give off a very subtle finish and can be difficult to apply to specific parts of your cake without touching the surrounding areas. ColourgloTM powder spray is in the soft metallic colour, and in a pump dispenser, allowing you to quickly and easily cover an area with your colour to achieve a concentrated coverage, hold the dispenser close to the surface. A less concentrated coverage can be achieved by holding the dispenser further away.User information: Simply hold the spray approx. 10-20cm away from the cake and spray in short, gentle bursts - move closer for specific areas.

Binding: Misc.

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