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Finedecor Cream Whipper, Whipped Cream Dispenser Canister, 500 ML - FD 2917

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The Cream Whipper is a family general kitchenware and easy to use. You can create many kinds of soft sweet desserts, Ice cream, the sweet and sour mousses by this product. It is very fit for whipping the cream, the egg honey cheese, sweet mousses and so on. You can use it easily! please read the instruction book carefully at first, and operate according to instruction book.

How to use:
1. Before filling the whipper please cool well under cold water or in the refrigerator.
2. Only use soluble ingredients. Insoluble substances such as seeds, pulp, etc. prevent the closure of the delivery valve or might impair the proper functioning of the Finedeocr Cream Whipper.
3 For sweetening it is best to use powder sugar or liquid sweeteners granulated sugar or as it will dissolved in water or milk easily. Use powderized or liquid spices only.
4 Overshaking will make pure heavy cream too stiff therefore, please shake only 3-4 times, do not shake every time before dispensing. Please mix the recipes properly that contains mixture of cream & other liquids well and more frequently. When dispensing always hold the whipper upside down (decorating nozzle pointing downwards) otherwise pressure will escape and some cream will remain inside the whipper
5. For best result, serve immediately.