FineDecor Professional Aluminum Hammer Meat Tenderizer Steak Beef Chicken Pounders Cooking Tools Kitchen Accessories

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A Meat Tenderizer That Meets All Your Needs!

Solid, sturdy construction comprising of one piece of solid Alloy, extending all the way through the handle and the mallet head, so you can be sure that this meat tenderizer is unbreakable. Pound away, safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to fall off or be damaged. 

Bullet Points - 

  • COOK UP TO 50% FASTER - Amazing hammer tool to reduce your cooking time and let you enjoy perfectly and evenly cooked chicken, steak & veal that is juicy, flavorful and so tender you can cut it with a butter knife.
  • BE THE ENVY OF YOUR LESS EQUIPPED FRIENDS - Do yourself a favor and get this so you can make dreaded dry chicken breast a thing of the past. Use your favorite spices and seasonings and let this mallet pounder do the rest.
  • ALLOWS GRAVITY TO DO THE WORK - Heavy duty without requiring a lot of "elbow grease" or tiring your hand. The soft grip handle is great for those with arthritis. It needs very little effort to practically do the job itself thanks to its weighted head.
  • GREAT FOR MORE THAN JUST TENDERIZING - While you can still use the smooth side to flatten meats and poultry for even cooking and use the textured side to tenderize and better marinate your meats, you can also use it to loosen packages of frozen veggies, prepare cracked crab, loosen garlic skin, crush garlic, nuts and hard candy and even break up ice cubes for drinks and make bread crumbs. 
  • BETTER AND HEALTHIER - Solid Aluminum construction with chrome plating works much better than wood and can be washed in hot water for healthier cooking. It's Dishwasher Safe and easier to clean than other types of tenderizers in which meat can get stuck on many tiny blades and be impossible to remove.