Vizyon Topping Sauce (Strawberry), 1kg, 1000 g

Vizyon Topping Sauce (Strawberry), 1kg, 1000 g

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Brand: Vizyon


  • Vizyon topping sauces increase the attraction of pastry by giving shiny and lively colours
  • Perfect poured over cake & pastries, profiteroles, puddings, dips and ice cream
  • Luxury topping
  • Strawberry topping sauce for your desserts or breakfast using fresh strawberries
  • Topping sauces with a wide range of flavours to add colour and taste
  • Perfect for ice cream sundaes and rounding out your favourite desserts!

Release Date: 12-08-2020

Details: Our deluxe range of toppings from Vizyon has even more intense flavours and a fantastic variety of fruits and tastes. The easy squeeze bottles with nozzle have an exclusive non-drip stopper, ideal to decorate ice cream, cake, gelato in a tub, gelato cups, mousses, desserts and soft serve frozen yoghurts.

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